Nature's variance lends itself to hardwood's clean and rich appearance.  With a variety of different colors, wood species, and finishes, hardwood adds a classy but durable way of completing any living space. It is known for being easy to maintain, and for the ability to refinish areas to renew its' luster, or sometimes even change color as trends or rooms change.  This has made it one of the most timeless and adaptive products we offer.


Armstrong Flooring, also the manufacturer of Bruce, Capella, and Homerwood, rightfully has one of the most recognized brands in flooring.  They produce high quality hardwood in all ranges. 

From distressed and handscraped, to wirebrushed, to nice clean finishes, Armstrong has something for everyone in their diverse product portfolio.


A privately owned, ethical forest products provider, Somerset has been manufacturing high quality floors for over 20 years. 

They strive be a renewable manufacturer, and utilize entire trees right down to making wood pellets out of waste.  

Their flooring products are top quality, from the character grade wood right up to the super-clean select hardwood.

Somerset Hardwood Floors
Mirage Hardwood


A truly distinguished manufacturer of hardwood floors, Mirage offers an extremely wide range of species, colors, widths, grades, and finishes to provide customers with products that are tailored to their needs.  

No matter the design of the room, Mirage will have a product to complete the style with a quality hardwood that is guaranteed to last.