Luxury Vinyl Tile

In recent years, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has taken the industry by storm.  With its' near-indestructable wearlayers and increasingly convincing visuals, it has become difficult to distinguish the product lines from actual wood or tile, with the added benefit of waterproof materials, easy repairs, and more scratch and dent resistant products.  There are a wide array of visuals, lending itself to any room, and almost any price point. Concerns with different flooring products virtually disappear when dealing with LVT.


Coretec Plus

The original cork-backed floating LVT, Coretec has taken over a large market share due to it' innovative product. It is notable for great appearances and a hassle-free installation, with a lack of underlayments, adhesives, or specialized tools.  It is truly an all-in-one flooring system with comfort, sound suppression, and a great look.  Even with all this, it still has other vinyl traits such as water resistance and impressive durability.


Armstrong has entered the LVT market in similar fashion to other Armstrong flooring.  With great visuals, great pricing, and durable floors, it is an updated version of the same brand people know and trust.  With its' Luxe plank with rigid core and Rigid Core Vantage lines, it has produced stunning floating visuals.  With its' Pryzm line (actually a type of laminate, but due to its properties has been grouped with LVT), Armstrong has introduced a nearly scratch-proof, moisture proof floor that will stand up to any demands.

Armstrong LVT


A premium supplier in most flooring markets, Mohawk has numerous vinyl products which diversified after its' purchase of IVC, an American vinyl manufacturer.  Mohawk has many entry-level LVT products, as well as a few premium offerings with thicker products, harder finishes, and more complex designs.