Wood flooring lasts for decades; unless there’s structural damage, all it ever needs is a refinishing.

It also has natural beauty and countless benefits. It's hard to imagine you'd want anything else in your home after this.

Long-lasting beauty

Solid wood has been known to last for 100 years. Engineered hardwood is ultra-durable and can last for decades.

These floors are so versatile they work in any decor. If you do want a change, however, it's no problem with sanding and staining]

There are few, if any, repair and replacement costs. This makes solid hardwood flooring and the engineered version a highly cost-effective option.

Wood flooring also adds value to a property

You’ll see this in two ways. Whether solid or engineered hardwood, you’ll recoup 70% to 80% of the initial cost as reflected in your home values. Theoretically, a home worth 300K could become valued at $316K.

Potential buyers often pay over 2.5 % for a home with these floors. There’s also the visual appeal; homes with wood flooring sell faster when in good shape.


Elegance and beauty don't necessarily translate to high maintenance. Water is the biggest enemy of solid wood so take measures to prevent it.

Dust mop several times a week) to keep dust and dirt from embedding between planks and scratching. Vacuum once a week and clean and polish a few times a year.

Put mats strategically, especially at entrances. Use furniture pads to prevent legs from scratching.

Now let’s get you into the area’s best hardwood flooring company

Sometimes hardwood flooring is the only choice for your home, with the stunning visuals and multiple benefits. At the family-owned Affordable Flooring, we'll be sure you get one you'll love.

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