Sometimes nothing beats hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is easily one of the most popular floor coverings on today's market. Not only is it a fantastic option for stunning visuals, but it also offers excellent durability and a lifespan that will likely outlive your use of the materials. Let’s find out a few more facts about this floor covering and how it could work for you and your household.

Taking your wood floors seriously

Hardwood isn’t just another flooring material, as it can offer a lifespan that easily exceeds more than 100 years. When properly maintained, it will look fabulous the entire time, with visuals that are a perfect match for any décor style or preference. When you consider the floor covering as a whole, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are entirely loyal to it.

With both solid and engineered wood flooring readily available, it’s easy to floor every room in your home with outstanding results. Engineered wood is created by attaching a natural wood veneer to layers of plywood beneath, offering a wealth of benefits you'll undoubtedly want to know more about, especially if you have below-grade spaces where solid hardwood cannot be installed. It has a lifespan that averages 30 years and is a highly sought-after solid material for many rooms.

Both materials can be refinished, which helps this flooring reach its intended lifespan. The refinishing process strips away years of wear and marring to leave you with a fresh layer of wood to add your new stain and finish type. Once the service is complete, you’ll be good to go for another few decades, with like-new appearances for much of that time.

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Nature’s variance lends itself to hardwood’s clean and rich appearance. With a variety of different colors, wood species, and finishes, hardwood adds a classy but durable way of completing any living space.

Hardwood is known for being easy to maintain, and for the ability to refinish areas to renew its’ luster, or sometimes even change color as trends or rooms change. This has made it one of the most timeless and adaptive products we offer.